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Applying Machine Learning services to all sectors of industry to improve the performance by good decision making.

Deep Learn Labs aim at solving problems combining best techniques from machine learning and accelerating them for real life problems.Deep Learn Labs provide solutions in building intelligent systems, both for analysis and decision making across multiple sectors.

Deep Learn Labs is keen on brining the state of art ML techniques to a wide range of problems where there is sufficient data, but trying to know how to build better systems reducing human errors and efforts. DLL builds Machine Learning based products and also provides research as a service. DLL collaborates with various industries focusing more on engineering the solutions for its clients.


Deep Learning has been the fastest and most impactful emerging area in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Primarily developed with the focus on imitating how human brain perceives, understands and learns, in recent years Deep Neural Networks have broken all the state of the art performances of many well known algorithms in various domains. A true philosopher’s stone, it has set the benchmarks for different application areas in Computer Vision, Language Processing, Speech Processing etc. However, it’s still at an infantile stage and a lot remains to be explored towards its’ capabilities and probable applications.
Working in the area of Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks brings with it the power to solve extremely difficult and challenging problems that need to be solved. On the other hand, it opens the door to the mysterious powerhouse that deep learning is and its uncertainties and challenges. Extensive and effective research in Deep Learning necessitates a team of Computer Scientists, Mathematicians and experts in the area of Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning.
Here at Deep Learn Labs, we are a team of researchers and developers working in the theoretical and application areas of Deep Learning and trying to solve various problems related to Computer Vision. Currently, we are working in the surveillance domain and applying Deep Learning algorithms for Traffic Video Analysis. However, our team of researchers are also trying to come out with efficient Deep Learning solutions for other Machine Learning problems in the areas of embedded vision and multimedia retrieval.


Come back at the earliest to experience a unique variety of products like traffic video analysis,solutions for machine learning problems, and many more.Its a perfect blend of research and development created by replicating an innovative and leading technology called Artificial Intelligence.


If you aim to revolutionise artificial Intelligence, automation and looking for a carrier in dynamic environment, then look no further. We're always on the lookout for inspirational people to join our joinus@deeplearnlabs.com

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